Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Onward, SPOCS...

It's raining (and sometimes hailing!) here in Dellroy-land tonight.  So of course, Mrs. Dellroy and I had to go out for dinner.  It was so nice to go out to eat after the (nearly) entire household suffered a visit from a Norovirus last weekend.  (What the heck's a Norovirus?  We usually call it "stomach flu")  Only our oldest daughter escaped the pestilence, somehow.  This one made us all sick for about a day or so.  Ugh.

Anyway, the storm did underline a need for better diagnostics for SPOCS.  You will notice a gap in the SPOCS FAP Remaining (purple) trace on the trend chart.  This gap is what happens when it rains so hard, the satellite Internet gets drowned out.  This does not happen often, folks!  So, another item on the SPOCS improved features list.
Currently, I am in the middle of something I started some time ago.  That is, the ability to alter the tag database on the fly, and the ability to save a new tag database to a file.  This is all Real Studio work, done in the GUI version of the SPOCS Console.

Stay dry, if you can!

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