Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blog Updates!

Hmm...upon some examination of the SPOCS blog, we find there are some things that need cleaning up.  So we did.  Particularly in the various pages which describe parts of SPOCS.
In the meantime, we are studying a bug in the Brain module.  Occasionally, it will crash when reading the FAP page.  I suspect it is trying to read at the exact moment the CRON system is running the WGET command to read the page from our satellite modem to the file which poor Brain is trying to read.  We should be able to confirm this in another day or so.
The great Star 2.0 project is moving along.  32 of the 48 three-color LEDS are up and running.  Just one small problem on that second set of 16's got to be a bugaboo in the wiring, and most likely, my own fault.  More later.

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