Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Star, A Star....!

We finally got the documentation together for the Star 2.0 project.  We named it "SPARCStar", and put it up on SourceForge.  We are finishing debug of our particular had a couple wiring bugs in it, not too surprising, considering the LEDs took more than 150 wiring connections!  Our original test program was not that hot, either.  The test program for the Arduino Uno we have up on Source Forge is much better - it exercises each and every LED, and every color.
On the SPOCS side, we updated the file SPS_Brain1.c.  We had some lingering issues from the satellite Internet upgrade, but we finally got it.  There was a hiccup if Brain tried to read the FAP webpage from the satellite modem at the same time the modem was updating it.  Not only did we get Brain to recognize this condition (usually a zero-size file), but we got Brain to wait a short time, then retry the web page read.  It works great!
Hope everyone in the U.S.A. had a great Thanksgiving!

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