Monday, October 22, 2012

#17, #19, & #24....!

We got the first 16 tri-color LEDS to light on the great Star 2.0 project.  (see previous post)
We are wiring up the second 16, but LEDS 17, 19, and 24 refuse to light their green LEDS!  Argh.
On a sad note, we'd like to extend condolences to our relatives on the west coast.  Our dear Aunt Alice has passed on.  She was about 87, and was active with friends and church just about every day of her life.  So long, Aunt Alice.  We shall miss you.

UPDATE:  Got them!  Troubleshooting an LED matrix circiut is a bit stranger then you'd think.  We had a loose segment wire at the small circiut board where the LEDS connect.  I shall have to post a picture so you'll know what I am talking about.  Onward, toward installing the rest of the second set of LEDS!

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