Monday, September 3, 2012

Working on L11!

We recently bought a Gigabyte GA-E350N board, with an AMD E350D APU built in.  The price is right, it is a dual-core APU, the board is supposed to be very robust, and it runs DDR3 memory.  So - we stuck 8GB of DDR3 RAM in it, added a 500Mb hard drive (the board does support RAID), and loaded up Fedora 15.  We figure that's all you really need for a local-only server machine.
L11 is meant to replace the venerable SPARCL8, the only penguin running an Intel CPU.  L8, however, has always suffered from heat problems, and is getting more cranky as it gets older.  As near as we can tell, L8 is at least 7 years old!  L11 has been running well on the bench, and has been steadily gobbling up copies of L8's files.  We're also doing some housecleaning as we copy L8's stuff to L11.

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