Sunday, September 16, 2012

And So, We Move On...

We tried to contact our old web hosting company, Zymic, to ask why the SPOCS site had been suspended.  As far as we can see, we violated none of the terms of their TOS.
A week ago, we politely asked why we had been shut down, but no answer.  In fairness, and full disclosure, their TOS does state they can shut a site down for "...any, or no, reason...". Still, we would like to know what prompted their rather rude cutoff of service.  Ah, well, it was worth what we paid for it, wasn't it?

So far, (see link at the bottom of the SPOCS main page) has been operating well, with one glitch.  Up 'till now, we were able to throw text files - in our case, the syslog file - at a web server, and it would simply be displayed.  Our new host apparently does not support text files, so we updated the HTML generator.  Now it makes the syslog text file into an HTML file, so it displays properly.  So far, we recommend these guys.

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