Sunday, June 10, 2012

A correction to a vexing problem

I have updated the SPOCS scanner file SPS_05.C on Sourceforge.  For now, we have Modbus writes only going to node #11.  When we upgraded SPARCL9 (the dev machine), there is no node #11.  At least, not yet.  But - the Modbus writes, which are hard-coded for now, were throwing many, many error entries into the system log.  So, we have updated SPOCS to say if node #11 is not there, or not active, forget Modbus writes.
We also uploaded a few text files: SPOCS_START_UP.txt, which is the general how-to-set-up-SPOCS document, as well as fedora15.txt, which is all the little Fedora 15 / FXCE goodies we had to discover.  Some of the stuff in this file appears here on the site under the Fedora 15 crib sheet".
Also there is a little file on how to use WGET.  Here, SPOCS uses WGET to read the webpage from our satellite modem.  Brain has some code that reads the file, and pulls out our internet download capacity remaining.  Since our ISP upped the limit a while back, we don't have much trouble with that, any more.  It's still nice to have SPOCS track it.  Maybe we'll add a module to log the FAP limit remaining (as our ISP calls it), so we can graph it.

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