Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Upgrading of SPARCL9

It was time to upgrade L9.  L9 is the offline development machine, and it needed to be on the same revision of Fedora that our on-the-air machine, L10 is.
Last night, we began by backing up all of our data (DID YOU GET THAT, MIKE WOLFE???).  Sorry.  Something in Mike's religion seems to forbid preserving a user's data before formatting their hard drive.

Anyway, I had made a nice 'crib notes' sheet when I set up L10.  I will add it to the sidebar, when I get the chance.
When I ran into things I wanted to do, I searched the usual Linux sites, and about always got what I needed (...and "they" say there is no support for Linux!).  The only execption is getting an application to start automatically.  I think it's just me, another reason to upgrade L9, then I can research it more thoroughly.
The short story is, I got L10 loaded with Fedora 15, and reloaded the HTML stuff, and SPOCS.  It's doing pretty well.
Oh, yes...we are already at SPOCS 2.1.  We are on our way to SPOCS 2.2!

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