Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mysterious Problems, and a UPS failure!

When I entered the lab a few days ago, I was greeted by the smell of burnt electronics.  Oh, no...what died?
After some investigation, nothing seemed to be offline, L8 and L10 were running as per usual.  Looks like we may have lost the UPS that kept the SPOCS node 0 alive in case of a power outage.  It was pretty warm to the touch, so I took it offline, until we can open it up and see if anything is burnt.
L10 was exhibiting a weird problem last week.  On two days, the SPOCS trending module seemed to pick one sample at random, and save zeroes, instead of the actual temperatures.  After a reboot, it seems to have cleared up.  Anyone else having this problem?
And, on top of everything else, the old REALBasic GUI-based console started working on wouldn't before.  REALBasic still does not work on Fedora 15 on L10.  Okayyyyy...
As an extra, added bonus, Samba has decided to stop working on L10.  I updated Samba, and restarted the machine, but no dice.  Samba is still working fine on the other Linux machines.  AAUGH.

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