Sunday, January 22, 2012

SPOCS 2.0 is on the air!

After all of the testing, the actual switchover was rather anticlimactic. 
But then, it was supposed to be.
Anyway, at about 6:00 PM local time, today, we unplugged the main network from SPARCL6, and plugged it into SPARCL10.  L10 was already monitoring the new temperature board and the Modbus PLC that got added to the network.
All we had to do was shutdown SPOCS on L10, swap out the SPOCS.SET file to the real one (which we had prepared in advance), and restart SPOCS.
SPOCS 2.0 has been running for over three hours now.  SPARCL6 is taking a well-deserved rest.  SPOCS 2.0 source code is up over at Sourceforge.


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