Thursday, January 12, 2012

One more step...

We have prepared the SPOCS.SET file for SPARCL10, when it goes live with the existing network.  Our existing network has two DUTEC boards, which are Opto-22 clones.  Each supports 16 bits of input/output.
We made sure the .SET file that we will use for L10 reflects the actual I/O in the SPOCS system now.
Secondly, we plugged the PLC onto the existing network, to make sure it didn't cause any problems.  SPARCL6 continued to operate flawlessly.  The first time we tried this, it messed up communications on the existing network.  We had wiring issues; they have been fixed.
At this time, all known problems with SPOCS 2.0 have been fixed.  Soon, we will take SPOCS 2.0 live.

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