Monday, January 23, 2012

The First OOOPS!

Fortunately, we are not so popular that anybody has downloaded SPOCS 2.0 yet.  Good thing - I hadn't attached the new trend init section to SPOCS.SET yet.  I noticed it when I went to the SPOCS web pages and got a NO DATA error.
Other than that, there is one glitch in the alarm module, having to do with properly identifying the "on" and "off" states for digital inputs.  I'm working on that now.
No other problems have shown up yet.  But I do want to change SPOCS's voice.  The voice I set up in Festival is a rather snitty-sounding male voice.  Kind of annoying.  I chose it to be able to pick it out from the mellow male voice of SPARCL6, and the accented female voice of SPARCL9.

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