Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from SPOCS!

It's been an interesting 2011.  Not sure if the old Chinese curse ("may you have an interesting life") applies here.  There have been some ups and downs this year, for sure.  Looking forward to a better 2012.
On the SPOCS front, we got Modbus writes to work again, it's just that SPOCS keeps insisting the writes are failing, when we know for a certainty that they are working.  It has to do with the local CRC calculations.
In the meantime, we found we could not run SPOCS under KDebug, the KDE front end for GDB (the Linux debugger).  It had to do with a small change made to the Linux C libraries over the several versions of Fedora - from version 8, which we are still using on L6, the live machine, to Fedora 15, being tested with SPOCS 2.0, on SPARCL10.  The small change had a bearing on shared memory pointers, which affected every module in SPOCS.  Fortunately, once we got it figured out, it was a small change.  Still, it meant we had to recompile every module.  Sigh.  But we're closer to the SPOCS 2.0 release.  Stay tuned.

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