Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bonjour! Merci de télécharger SPOCS!

For those of you who do not speak French, that is "Hello!  Thank you for downloading SPOCS!"
Source Forge tells us that fully two-thirds of SPOCS downloads so far went to France.  It seemed appropriate to thank our French friends for taking an interest in the system.
It looks like we got the Modbus write problem solved.  If we don't get zinged by any other library or system changes, we might, just might, release SPOCS 2.0 for New Years.  Brain needs some work, but it looks like it will take some effort, because we haven't been able to get a DBUS test program to compile yet.  This is no doubt due to ignorance on our part, but the net is full of sites that can help out.

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