Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Step Forward...

Okay, so L10 has been happily living in the Penguin Farm for the last few weeks.  Mostly, it is working great.  One notable exception is that Modbus writes don't seem to be working.  What we use them for, is SPOCS writes to our Modbus PLC.  Spocs sends the current number of alarms. The PLC remembers what the old number of alarms was, and if the new number is greater, the PLC sets off a loud, annoying alarm.  We want a loud, annoying alarm because one of the alarms is that the sump is too high.  The last time that happened was before SPOCS...the sump overflowed because the sump pump had failed.  The result was a flooded lab.  Not good.
So we have a particular interest in having Modbus writes work.  Reads work fine; SPOCS can talk to the PLC, read its status & alarms, no problem.
It's getting to be the holiday season...for us, it means the end of the working year, and customers are wanting to get things done before years' end.  Also, we went on a shopping trip last all day affair.  Whew!  Wife is happy, though - we got a lot of our Christmas shopping done.  We're anticipating being busy, busy next week too!  Not too much time for SPOCS.  Oh, well.

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