Friday, November 25, 2011

One Step Forward...

Sometimes it seems that way: One step forward, two or three steps back.  I had just gotten SPARCL10 mounted on SPARCL7's old backplate, and had fired it up on the bench, and fired up SPOCS for testing, when SPARCL8 got sick.  Apparently, the heat sink grease on L8 turned to water, and stopped cooling the CPU.  Since L8 is our local server, it has a dual-core Intel Pentium CPU.  This thing normally runs hot, really hot!  We finally got some more heat sink grease, and got L8 back online.  It still isn't acting right, though...I wonder if it is partially fried.  We'll have to look into a replacement sometime soon.

Separated At Birth??
That guy is just evil looking, isn't he?  I mean Ballmer.

On the better side, SPARCL10 finally made the journey across the lab, and is now residing in the Penguin Farm, along with L6, L8, and L9.  It's late, so tomorrow or the next day, I will test L10 with real I/O, and do a couple tweaks that need doing.  Then into final SPOCS / L10 testing!
P.S. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!  We did!

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