Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, SPARCL10!

That is, happy birthday as in, you have been born, not as, you've been around for another year, like your siblings SPARCL6, L7, L8 and L9.  (SPARCL8 is an exception.  It does not run SPOCS, though it once was a dev machine.  It evolved into the local Network Server.
The physical SPARCL10 is a descendant of the SPARCVL10 virtual machine, which we've been using to evaluate Fedora 15.  It is running the XFCE desktop environment.  This is because LXDE make it so much harder to create "launchers" - desktop shortcuts to oft-used programs.
SPARCL10 was brought to life on October 8.  It was running continuously, testing hardware.   We found that the video card we originally put in L10 had issues.  It got replaced early today, and L10 has been running steadily ever since.  L10 may be the machine that finally replaces the venerable SPARCL6, which has been running a bit over four years, now.
On another note, SourceForge reports that there are now 37 copies of SPOCS 1.x in the wild, mostly in France.  Kinda neat, when you think about it.

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