Monday, September 12, 2011

What Version of the Operating System? old question.  SPOCS is currently running on Fedora, version 8.  We're comfortable with it, and know it well.  But time and technology marches on...Fedora's latest stable release is version 15.  It may be time for a change.
The version changes have caused minor problems with SPOCS in the past, but nothing earth-shattering.   The biggest change we can see will be from DCOP to DBUS, which will happen if we upgrade our operating system.  It may cause changes in the way the SPOCS speech module works.  Now that we are close to bringing SPOCS 2.0 online, it's time to take a look.
We loaded Fedora 15 onto a virtual machine a while back.  We hated the new KDE desktop.  Also disliked the new Gnome.  We understand many folks are not happy with what has happened with the mainstream desktops.  If we do upgrade, we'll probably use XFCE...nice, simple, regular desktop environment.

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