Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More on The OS Quandary

Actually, whether or not to upgrade is not the quandary.  We have loaded Fedora Core 15 onto a virtual machine.  Both major desktops - Gnome and KDE - are resource hogs.  We are not prepared to upgrade the Penguin Farm hardware as of yet.  We are looking at XFCE as our desktop-of-choice, due to its simplicity and speed.

We realize that the big issue we are facing is old news in the Linux world, since Fedora Core 8 is not supported any longer.  The big  issue is the use of DCOP calls in SPOCS.  They appear in the Brain module, and the Speech module.  D-BUS began to appear in Fedora Core 8.  The DCOP service was disabled in FC9, or more precisely, KDE 4.0.
We could move to a newer version of Fedora (E.G. 15), and try installing KDE 3.5.  Assuming it worked, it would be a solution.  However, we don't want to impose on Fedora users; we want SPOCS to work on Fedora as it comes, out of the box.

So - the Speech module looks poised for a rewrite.  We can do the Brain module later.

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