Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whew! Finally got it, or Whew, It's Dang Hot Outside

Poor Penguins at the Farm...been keeping a big box fan blowing on them.  The extra air keeps their temperatures down another 5-8 degrees F. 
But, hey!  We finally got the DR3 module (Modbus communications driver) to do writes to the PLC.  The PLC just drives the alarm horn - a little, but very loud 120VAC beeper-type horn.  For now, the only write we are doing is to send the number of current alarms to the PLC.  If that number changes, for example, goes up, the PLC will cause the horn to beep until the silence button is pushed.  Or until the alarm(s) clear.  We JUST got this going this evening - we'll let it run for a day or so and see how stable the system is.

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