Sunday, May 8, 2011


AHA!  I finally got that pesky Modbus bug.  Now the old Optomux boards peaceably co-exist with the Modbus node.  It's been running for several days, now, without a hiccup.  Also stamped out a bug with the TEMP protocol.  It gets temperature info from a QKITS temperature board.  There was a problem with what happened when communications went down - nothing.  SPOCS is supposed to report it, both in the system log, and verbally, and report it when communications come back.
I will have to add information to the Shared memory page about the new System Tag table.  This table contains tags like year, month, day, hour, minute, second, number of active nodes, and many others.  This will be needed by the HTML generator, and by future applications, so we don't have to tediously address shared memory directly when getting this type of information.
In the meantime, Hi Kit!!  Hi Karen!!  Now you're famous!  (HA!)

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