Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Now It's April

...And I'm just running this little ole' blog myself, for the fun of it.  I hate to think if I was PJ of Groklaw.net fame...I'd never get anything done, and that community would never had gotten together.  At least I got a bunch of editing done on the pages that describe the innards of SPOCS.
Still getting all of the sections of SPOCS documented.  And trying to figure out a strange Modbus problem on SPOCS 2.0.  Periodically, (not random, but not consistantly timed) the Modbus serial driver throws a CRC error.  And it does it for all three of the three tries it has to accomplish reading the PLC (a Schneider Momentum PLC).  This is the big bugaboo that is keeping SPOCS 2.0 off the air.
Finally started looking at newer versions of Fedora Linux.  Actually, I've been looking for a while - SPOCS is running on Fedora 6, on KDE 3.5.  I looked at Fedora 10, but hated the new KDE desktop.  I've got a VM (virtual machine) on Oracles' VirtualBox running Fedora 14, with Gnome.  Gnome is much cleaner.  Took a look at the XFCE desktop, too.  One thing that Brain cares about, is going to a new version means we will lose DCOP.  Meaning we will have to re-write for D-BUS instead.  Oh, well, everybody else has already done it.

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