Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh, My! How Time Does Fly!

What!? Our last post was March 5th!?  Well, we're working on a new layout for the blog.  The various sections of SPOCS will be on separate pages - see the index at the left side.
There are a lot of whiny people out there who have tried to use Linux for some purpose, and have given up.  The most common complaint I have heard over the years is that there is "no support".  Let it be known that when I began converting the SPOCS project to Linux some years ago, I knew nothing about OS queues, how to create a shared memory segment, etc., etc.  I got plenty of support from the Linux community on the Internet.  I read all kinds of pages that are out there, that told me how to do what I wanted to do with Linux.  And so here I am, doing what I want with Linux.  And that is what scares a certain huge software company so much.  Actually, what scares them is that I was able to do all these things, and never paid that certain company a dime.
So I salute all the people who have worked on Linux all these years, from Linus himself, on down.  And I salute all those people and companies who have put so much information on the net for guys like me, so we can do things with a free operating system.

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